Building undergoes a full Hammer test to ascertain what areas are boss and in need of removal.

Hack off and Dub Out any defective render, this includes any protruding Bellcast

Fungicidal wash applied and manually agitated, if required, to kill live fungus, mildew, algae, moss etc.

All these areas will be reinstated with a Polymer Modified Basecoat.

They will also be reinforced with an Alkali resistant Fibreglass mesh and adhesive coat. Which will be be applied in two passes

All other stressed areas will be supported with the fibreglass mesh.



Full system beads will be applied to the substrate. (Powder coated galvanised, Bellcagasst, Angle, Expansion and Stop Beads)This will give a clean striaght-edged finish to the building

Where the new render will meet any different materials, e.g Window Frames, Roofline, Glassboxes, Downpipes Etc, a bead of silicone mastic will be applied. This fully and protects these items.

Overcills and any Smooth Band finishes will be applied at this stage if required and specified

Enewall Acrylic Exposed Aggregate Render is then troweled on between 8-10mm. This will provide an excellent finish for the years to come

The chosen dash is then applied by hand while the dash receiver is still wet



The entire area will be cleaned down and tidied up prior to the installation manager walking around the site and making sure the job is completed to the highest standard

When the sign off it complete the scaffolding will be taken down safety to ensure the finish of your new roughcast

A second cleanup will take place to remove any residual debris

By following this stringent process we can guarantee the finish on all our render applications for 10 years

If you opt for the EWI upgrade these systems have a usable lifespan of well over 60 years.