Many companies will simply paint  over the cracks by applying one coat of render to your existing roughcast, this is a bad idea because your roughcasting is only as strong as your base-coat. Poor foundations guarantee it won’t last.
Lomond Improvements as an organization would never put our name to a project without the existing roughcast being tested, repaired, treated and built back up properly. This high standard of quality control ensures the longevity of your Roughcasting and allows Lomond to guarantee the project for your peace of mind.
According to research performed on the “Energy House” at the University of Salford, wind accounts for 5-8% heat loss due to the cooling of the exterior facade. Wind driven rain however increases the heating inefficiencies as heat loss soars to 30%. The inefficiencies occur when the heat within the property is expended drying the external facade.

Measurable rainfall occurs in Scotland on over 250 days per year. By ensuring the exterior facade is water repellent, savings of up to 22% can be achieved on each of the rainfall days giving an average annual saving of 15%
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Our Process


We start off by doing a complete survey on the entire building to enable us to establish the correct measurements and specify your colour choice.
Any live fungus which is on the wall we spray that with a fungicidal sealer. Once this is applied we then use an acrylic stabiliser. We apply a sealant to the walls, called alumasc blue stabiliser. This will go to all walls which is sprayed on.
Our certified installers will roughcast all areas due to be done and take the roughcast tight into the windows to completely seal the job. On the day of roughcasting there will be a clean-up.
Once the job is being started we put protection on all windows and doors.
We start off by hammer testing all walls and boss areas hacked off. We then reinstate the areas, with a first coat then reinforcing mesh is put on the boss areas to stop them cracking.
We mechanically fix all powder coated corner beads and Bell casts beads.
Once the roughcast is completed we will bring an extra van that day and take all rubbish away and this eliminates the customer having a skip on site.